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Private Capital 

for Technology Businesses

Tech Buyouts

$3 Million - $50 Million


Majority stakes in small, profitable technology businesses. Owners receive cash and an ongoing ownership in their businesses.

Venture Investing

$250k - $1.5 Million


Classic seed stage investing. Entrepreneur(s) & customer(s) want to vet the viability of a product.

Growth Capital

$$ = Situation Specific


Profitable technology business growth. Owners can "take some chips off the table" and continue to own their company.


Innovation & Diversity

Innovation is the lifeblood of technology. It derives from necessity and is the product of companies that solve problems for their customers.

We believe that innovation is fostered best by a diverse team that leverages the strengths of the individuals who have overcome the challenges of their unique journey.

We are beholden to innovation and committed to these beliefs. We uphold our duty to these beliefs by seeking out companies and team members with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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