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The Graham Group is an alliance of independent investment firms, operating businesses and philanthropic entities which share in the common legacy of entrepreneur Don Graham, an engineer who built and ran several global manufacturing businesses commencing from a modest start in a farmhouse basement in central Pennsylvania.

Starting at just 27 years old, Don grew his farmhouse basement operation into three advanced manufacturing and industrial technology businesses which today generate several billion dollars in annual revenue, producing plastics packaging, materials processing equipment/technology, and building products.


The Graham Group today includes six independent investment businesses and three philanthropic entities which collectively manage several billion dollars in private capital. These independent investment businesses own controlling interests in roughly three dozen operating businesses, spanning industries which range from industrial technologies to advanced manufacturing to software development, health care, education and sports.

Graham Group
Investment Concerns:

Graham's Legacy Industrial Concerns:

Note: Graham Packaging is 100 percent owned by Reynolds Group Holdings, Ltd.

Portfolio Focus

While GSD works closely with management, the firm does not issue announcements (press releases / social media) regarding investment activities or portfolio company developments.


GSD takes a "P&G Approach" and believes that each portfolio investment should operate as an independent entity.


GSD has particular interest in investing in niche portions of the following markets:


  • Education Technology

  • Data Aggregation & Analysis Businesses & Technology

  • Sports Technology & Apps

  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology (drones, et al)


GSD invests private, family capital and is focused on growing, profitable technology companies.  GSD does not operate a fund model and is not driven by fund raising cycles for capital or exits.  Simply put, GSD is seeking to build businesses, profits and cash flow over "exits," losses and fund raising vehicles.


GSD seeks to invest $250k - $15 million per investment with an emphasis on majority investments in which the seller makes a significant “roll over” investment.  Larger direct equity investments can be considered via partnership with other members of The Graham Group.


GSD seeks companies generating EBITDA between $100k - $3 million.

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